Cirque Du Soleil



In the late 1970's Guy Laliberté was trying to make a career in performing arts. He started right after college as a folk singer. He would often be found in the streets of Quebec City, where he was born, entertaining onlookers with a harmonica or an accordion. He then joined a troupe of performers who traveled around the country and performed various shows. It is with them that Laliberté learned other great entertaining skills like fire breathing, juggling, and acrobatics.

It was in 1984 that a government grant funded Laliberté's dream of evoking the imagination of his audiences. He brought together groups of performers and created a project called Le Grand Tour du Cirque Du Soleil to perform all around Quebec.

It was intended to run for only one year but because of its success, they somehow found a way to fund it for the succeeding year. This time, however, additional renovations were made, they improved the street performers' talents and made them into circus performers.

Initially, they had trouble bringing their talent to the rest of the world, but in 1987 in Los Angeles, they finally succeeded by going into the global entertainment business. Cirque Du Soleil's growth was precarious and uncertain at times but they managed to endure and succeed.

Today, the Cirque Du Soleil is undoubtedly one of the most famous circus performers in the world.

They put great emphasis on human performances and acts, with only minimal paraphernalia and no animals. They are also famous for not using pre-recorded music. What they secure are talented musicians who play music all throughout the entire performance. In addition, it is unique because it follows a storyline of events and characters.

The Cirque Du Soleil offers a multitude of various sets of shows and performances.

Included in the list of the most popular shows are Alegria with a dark and gothic theme, Quidam which features a surrealistic daydream, and Saltimbanco which tells a story about immigration, different cultures, and peace.

There is also the show called O, which is set in a tank holding more than a million gallons of water, the first of its kind. The performers perform in, above and around it. Dralion is pegged to be the highest grossing show, featuring a blend of cultures in one stunning acrobatic show. Corteo is also remarkable because it tells the story of a clown watching his own funeral in a carnival. Corteo had previously broken the record of tickets sold of another of Cirque Du Soleil's shows, Varekai which is a retelling of the Greek story of Icarus. In the show, Icarus, instead of drowning in the ocean after having his wings burned, would survive the fall to learn how to fly again.

To this day, the Cirque Du Soleil has toured more than a hundred cities all over the world. Over the years, it has gathered numerous accolades for their performances. Even many of the performers themselves have individually won various awards worldwide. Currently, Cirque du Soleil plans on creating more shows, adding more to their already impressive reportoire.

Many of Cirque du Soleil shows are performed in Las Vegas, as this is their headquarters.

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