Las Vegas - more than just casinos


Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas situated in Clark County in Nevada, United States, was originally a place on pioneer trails where the travelers would take a break from their journey before heading further west.

The valley was soon populated with wells giving life to wide stretches of grass and was named Las Vegas which is Spanish for "the meadows". It only became a city officially in 1911.

Today, it is the most populated city in Nevada with an estimated population of almost 2 million. Las Vegas is known worldwide for its gambling casinos, earning the title of the Gambling Capital of the World.

The Strip is the famous place where gamblers can indulge themselves in numerous luxury hotels and casinos. At the top of the list is the Bellagio with an abundance of luxury and great style in every room. The first thing you will notice is the Lake Como right in front which has a surface of 8 acres. Water fountains, affectionately named the Bellagio Fountains, mesmerize audiences with scheduled shows. The Bellagio is known for its top amenities and services offered, not to mention a world-class casino that's a must try for any tourist.

The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is also one of the top choices to stay at when you are in Las Vegas. It is famous for its island themed design including its own beach, numerous pools, a river, a waterfall, and a shark reef. Many celebrities frequent their casinos.

The MGM Grand also offers its own unique taste with a movie studio from Hollywood as its main theme. Its trademark attraction is a lion habitat inside its casino. Every day lions are presented and displayed which can clearly be seen through its glass walls.

Caesars Palace, on the other hand, brings you back to the glory of Rome, but with an added flair only found in Las Vegas. It has its own Colosseum where famous artists regularly perform. Its casino has two annexes, one for the high stakes gamblers, and another for beginners or for those who are more conservative in parting with their money.

Among the top luxury resort and casinos is Wynn Las Vegas. It was the first establishment to offer a luxury car dealership including brands like Ferrari and Maserati. It also features a huge waterfall and a lake which is over 3 acres. In the casino, you could indulge in classic gaming settings amidst an elegant environment.

Of course there are other things you can do in Las Vegas aside from gambling. The proprietors of the main establishments have done renovations and improvements to make the place a lot more family friendly so that tourists of all ages can come and enjoy the City. Circus acts like the famous Cirque du Soleil which offers half price for kids, are one of the favorite family destinations in Las Vegas. Furthermore, there are several attractions and shows that have free access for kids.

Las Vegas is also famous for its spectacular shopping centers. The ambiance is always stylish and sophisticated but with a touch of festivity. Whether you are in search for bargains, couture, imported goods, art marvels, or expensive jewelry, Las Vegas always has something in store for you.

The nightlife is also definitely something you should not miss. The sound and light show in the Luxor hotel and casino is a must-see for tourists. And finally, fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas are a whole different level of grandeur. A lot of restaurants actually hold prestigious awards, as Las Vegas attracts some of the best chefs in the world. Many gourmet restaurants are run by celebrity chefs who prepare only the best food you can get.

Las Vegas, thanks to decades of being a major tourist destination, has almost everything available for all visitors. If one can look past the casinos, there's simply something there for everyone.

But remember. Only play casino games with moderation. Make sure not to develop a gambling addiction problem. This is a fun form of entertainment and it should just be that.

Anyway small or big, let's enjoy gambling with reason.