Gambling addiction


Read about problem gambling and how to cope with it.

If you suffer from a gambling addiction, you must take action. Gambling addiction, as social evil, is similar to smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. It is a stigma on the society and a crime against humanity. Such an addiction may also result in family disunion. It separates the gambling addicts from their beloved ones, leaving behind each member of a family in despair and trouble.

Gambling addiction often is caused by a compulsive behavior. It destroys your life in particular and causes trouble to the society in general. For most people, gambling is an activity of recreation, be it a weekend trip to Las Vegas, a team of gamblers at work or buying lottery tickets. While the dangers associated with gambling may not produce negative impact on certain peoples' lives, about 4-6 percent recreational gamblers tend to lose control.

A gambling addiction can affect your live greatly. The serious effects of problem gambling will be only known to you when you suffer the monetary and personal losses associated with it. Below are the different phases of a gambling addiction and their dangers:

Gambling Addiction - Phase 1: This is a winning phase.

At the beginnig gambling addicts have the feeling of winning big. It is even the joy of winning series of bets and experiencing good fortune, the satisfaction aroused out of immediate increased holdings and excitement. This lends you a curiosity of winning in the future too. With this intention in mind, players retry their luck with the hope of winning again.

This phase makes it difficult to recognize any problem, as you feel all's well in life. There is constant cash flow and you feel financially sound. This phase develops a renewed feeling to play more for larger wins. You lose control over your emotions and give in to playing more bets. However, when you face failure, you might even lose your mental balance.

Gambling Addiction - Phase 2: This phase is of losing.

Now, gambling addicts proudly think about their past winnings. Despite of their losses, they might continue to believe that luck is still in their favor. Addicts continue gambling by thinking that with the passing of time, they might become fortunate and win again.

Hence, by gambling alone, betting addicts isolate themselves from family and friends. They seem irritated and remain in their own world. In this stage of gambling addiction, you experience disbelief and start to think that your losses will never end. You lose hope of winning back. Over time, addicts lose enough money on gambling that they need to borrow money from banks and friends to continue playing. They might even develop the habit of stealing money. By borrowing loans and defaulting on them, gambling addicts put their lives in danger.

Gambling Addiction - Phase 3: This is the final phase of desperation.

This is when gambling addicts are seen gambling most of the time, distancing themselves from almost everyone. They usually blame others for their misfortune and losses.

In this stage of problem gambling, you might blame the casino dealer for cheating and shuffling insufficiently. You might feel guilty and remorseful for not winning your money back. This sometimes leads to substance or alcohol abuse. It can go as far as suicide, if it becomes difficult to manage the loans. This way, you lose your life to a gambling addiction. By the time gambling addicts repent for their deeds, it might be too late.

So only play casino games with reason. This is a great form of entertainment and it should just be that. If you are not sure which to pich, check the top five online casinos. These are safe and they have safeguards against online gambling addiction.

Anyway small or big, let's enjoy gambling with reason.