Vegas Strip Blackjack


In Las Vegas, Blackjack is played with the Vegas Strip rules.

The Vegas Strip Blackjack is the second most popular version of the game of blackjack, after the classic rules of blackjack.

This variant is named after the Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip) which is located between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road. It also uses the name to designate the Vegas Strip casinos and hotels located on the boulevard. This is part of Las Vegas history.

This is where you can find the largest concentration of gambling in Nevada and in the whole United States. When Blackjack started to be played in the Sin City, they adapted the rules a bit and this set of rules has kept the name of Vegas Strip Blackjack ever since.

Vegas Strip Blackjack as offered by Microgaming casinos and others is substantially different from the classic version of Blackjack. It is suggested that you learn its rules and peculiarities to be comfortable when you play this variation. You'll find everything you need to know about the Vegas Strip Blackjack just below.

Rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack

The Vegas Strip Blackjack is played with 4 sets of 52 standard cards. Here are the main rules of this variant of blackjack:

  • The dealer always checks if he has a blackjack before the player,
  • The dealer hits on all 16 and stays on all the 17 (including a soft 17),
  • Insurance is permitted if the dealer shows an Ace, and pays 2 to 1 odds,
  • The dealer checks his second card directly if his first card is an Ace or a 10 points card,
  • If there is a tie, all bets are returned to the player, even if the dealer and the player got a blackjack,
  • The player can receive a maximum of 11 cards to form a hand.

Splitting Rules

  • A blackjack (2 cards totaling 21) pay 2 to 3,
  • Pairs and cards with the same value (like a 10 and a Queen) can be shared,
  • The player can resplit cards already split once.

Rules for Doubling

  • You can double your first two cards, whatever their respective merits,
  • You cannot double after a split.

In order to master the online blackjack strategies that work best, one important thing is to understand the differences in rules between blackjack variations, and how they affect optimal game play. If you want to make the most of your money, do not play these variants unless you already master standard blackjack. The casino makes part of their money from the players' mistakes.

Note that at some online casinos such as the Microgaming family, you will play an enhanced version of this variation called Gold Series Vegas Strip Blackjack where you can choose your favorite sounds to play and use tables strategy directly from the software.

You can then activate an auto-play which will automatically use the strategy you have chosen! You can also choose your game speed and view your statistics in real time. All these options make the gaming experience even more enjoyable online than in a land-based casino.

Anyway small or big, let's enjoy gambling with reason.