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Nevada: The Silver State

Nevada is located in the western side of the United States, to the east of California.

Most of the land area is desert and some is from partially arid to completely dry. The name Nevada actually comes from the nearby mountains of Sierra Nevada, which in Spanish stands for 'snowcapped mountain range.'

There are several noteworthy tourist attractions in famous Nevada.

First is the magnificent Grand Canyon. Every year, millions of people from all over the world travel just to see the beautiful vibrant rocks and the flowing Colorado river running through it. Rocks from 2 billion years ago can be found at the bottom of the canyon. Many activities can be organized there, like hiking on some of the trails or trekking to the floor of the canyon. Once at the bottom, the Colorado River offers whitewater river rafting adventures with rapids that are over 10 feet; but for the less adventurous, smooth water rafting is also an option. There is even a ranch where visitors can stay overnight and enjoy loneliness and peace.

The Hoover Dam is also a famous landmark in Nevada. It was originally named Boulder Dam because as it was supposed to be built at the Boulder Canyon. Indeed it is one of the top human construction achievements of the 20th Century. But when it was constructed in 1930, it was the biggest project of its kind at that time. The Colorado River even had to be diverted before the construction to setup the foundation at its bedrock. Up to this day it is a favorite tourist destination, with more than a million visitors each year.

Lake Tahoe also brings in a large share of sightseers and travelers from all over the world. Known for being the largest lake at high altitudes, the snow also makes it a popular destination for skiers. There are numerous ski resorts that vacationers can choose from. In the summer, outdoor recreation is also popular. The scenery of the lake and the mountains never lose their charm any time of the year.

There are also a lot of museums throughout Nevada; one of the most famous is the Nevada Museum of Art, which is the only museum accredited by the state. The first thing people will notice is the building itself, the making of which was inspired from the Black Rock Desert. The museum itself holds a collection of around two thousand works of art. It is interesting to note that the museum is divided into five sectors, each with a different theme and focus.

Finally, a trip to Nevada would of course never be complete without going to Las Vegas. Being one of the top destinations in the country, the Sin City has adapted to catering to the millions of tourists that visit each year, even though it was just a small village one hundred years ago.

There are many attractions in Las Vegas but the two major attractions are the hotels and casinos. Guests can visit The Strip which is at the heart of the city. The Bellagio fountains should not be missed, as well as its Gallery of Fine Art. A few minutes' drive from downtown is the Las Vegas Spring Reserve which is a historic attraction and is also a must see in Vegas.

But remember. Only play casino video poker or other games with moderation. Bo not start a gambling addiction problem. This is a fun form of entertainment and it should just be that, not a sickness.

Anyway small or big, let's enjoy gambling with reason.