Tips for Online Video Poker


Getting access to some great video poker tips is a necessity for most new video poker players. Though luck plays an important role, the game is based a lot on the skills of the player.

Whether you are playing at a poker table or on your computer, your skills will make all the difference between winning and losing your hand. For novice players it is best to first bet on the lowest denomination machine and gain some expertise. They should move to the next level only after they are absolutely comfortable with the beginnerís levels.

Some More Poker Tips

The following video poker tips would help you get the most out of video poker:

  • Remember that you are playing against a machine, so there is no dearth of time. Take your time and study every move before you play. This will help you decide the best move.
  • Understand your game before you take the leap. Most often, players do not know that the Jack and not the ace is the most important card in the deck. If you hold on to a Jack over the ace then you would be given many more opportunities to play profitable hands then what the ace would have provided you with.
  • It is also not correct to draw to an inside straight (here you would have four cards and would require one to fill in the middle gap). Instead if you have an open-ended straight (four consecutive cards and need only one at either end) then take a pick to make your line straight.
  • Besides following the above mentioned video poker tips also ensure that you keep a pair against holding a high card. Players often discard a pair and keep a high card. But if you can try for three of a kind, then you have a better chance of winning big.
  • Draw a hand of five cards if you are holding an extremely bad hand.
  • Hold paying hands unless they have the potential of becoming the Royal Flush. And because this might prove to be the highest paying hand at video poker you can even risk all your small earnings on it.
  • Never risk all your winnings on the High Card Showdown Bonus round. This round is strictly based on luck and no strategy of yours would prove helpful here. In fact you would stand a high chance of losing rather than doubling your winnings.

Some Quick Video Poker Tips

  • Donít draw 5 cards if you have a Jack or better than that.
  • Donít break the line to draw a flush.
  • Try not to hold a kicker when you are holding a pair.
  • Donít draw 4 cards when drawing 3 cards might lead to a Royal flush.
  • Remember to break the flush to draw the Royal Flush.

The above mentioned video poker tips are sufficient for you to become a good player. The rest depends on your dedication and determination of knowing video poker strategies better.

Good luck at your favorite online casino. Play reasonably without developping a gambling addiction.

Anyway small or big, let's enjoy gambling with reason.